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Metal work and furniture components

Stocco F.lli was founded in 1984 as a family-run company that worked for third parts.
It started the business dealing with assembly and bending of metal products for home and leisure. Successively, following the evolution of the market, it has successfully specialized in the production of frames and furnishing elements, mostly made of iron, but it also works materials such as stainless steel and alluminium.
In recent years, the acquisition of high-tech and productivity equipment has made it possible to propose a series of new products, making production versatility and constant quality the strong point of Stocco F.lli. Execution methods and materials that help the circular economy have also been introduced.

The company offers the customer not only a product, but an entire service, which combines qualitative, quantitative, design and timing requirements at competitive prices.
Currently the activity takes place on three different but close operating units (production of pipe elements / production of drawn and sheet metal elements / packaging and logistics warehouse), for a total of over 10,500 covered square meters and other 15,000 uncovered square meters.
For the processing, it starts from the raw tube with a diameter of max 150 mm or from the drawn (d.4 mm to 14 mm) or the sheet metal from 0.5 to 25 mm.
The element is laser cut, bent, printed (all with numerical control machines) and the obtained parts are assembled with the help of anthropomorphic robots for MIG welding.
A Cobot robot was also purchased for short runs as well as a large projection-type robot for drawn products up to d.12 mm.
TIG and castolin welds can also be performed.

The final phase includes finishes such as polishing, chroming, gilding, painting, cataphoresis, galvanizing, all operations done externally by trusted partners.
Assembly (wood, pads, weave, plastics, etc.) , storage and shipping complete the cycle.
During these years, Stocco f.lli has produced frames and furnishing details exclusively and non-exclusively for renowned companies in the sector, both national and foreign, for millions of pieces; currently the market is developed in 18 countries around the world.
The constant presence of the partners and the availability of the team, which have always distinguished the company, allow it to offer the customer reliable and certain answers.

Stocco Fratelli Made in Italy


For our business we use certified 100% clean electricity, produced from renewable sources without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere and without consuming natural resources.

Energy is not all the same, we have made a good choice for the planet and for the future of the next generations.


90.3446 TONS OF CO2

Thanks to a supply
100% Clean Energy Dolomiti Energia

The 100% Clean Energy Dolomiti Energia brand ensures that Dolomiti Energia’s electricity is certified by the Energy Services Manager with Guarantees of Origin (GO), which traces and certifies its Italian origin and ‘renewable source.