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Metal work and furniture components

Stocco f.lli was founded in 1984 as a family-run company that worked for third parts. It began its work by looking after the assembling and bending of metal products for home and for spare time. Successively, following the evolution of the market, it specialized with success in the production of chair’s frames and elements for the furniture industry. During the last few years, the acquisition of high technological equipments with a high production level allowed it to propose a series of new products, making productive versatility and constant quality to be the strong points of Stocco f.lli. The company offers to its customers not only a product, but a complete service, which units together quality, quantity, design and time’s needs at competitive prices. At the present time the work is done in a space of 4000 square metres. In 2017, additional 4500 sqm were added to the new logistics warehouse. As far as the workmanship is concerned, it begins from a tube (diameter up to 120 mm) or from steel wire ( of a diameter from 4 up to 12 mm). The element is cut, by laser followed by processes of pressing and bending with numeric controlled machinery. The parts obtained are assembled with the help of an antropomorfi robot for MIG welding. TIG welding and castolin can also be carried out. The final phase foresees treatments of the surface: chroming, varnishing or other. Assembling, storage and transport complete the productive cycle. During these years the company Stocco f.lli has produced chair’s frames and elements for the furniture industry in exclusive for renowned companies of the sector. The constant presence of the company’s partners and their disponibility, which have always distinguished the company, allows it to offer to its customers reliable and accurate answers.

Stocco Fratelli Made in Italy